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Provider Year 1 Cost Annual Cost Description Details
More Details £240 £73 Operated and owned by Halifax. £200 upfront fee, but no ongoing fee. All trades charged at £5 each. Apply now
More Details £80 £98 Charges a fixed quarterly fee, but can be used as trade credit for trades placed that quarter. Good value for SIPPs and those investing larger sums. Apply now
More Details £110 £124 Charges a % fee on funds held, so a good option for those with smaller accounts. Does not tie users in with exit fees. Apply now
More Details £113 £125 No ongoing fees, and charges for ISAs and SIPPs are competitive, though trade costs are relatively high. Apply now
More Details £113 £125 No ongoing fees, and charges for ISAs and SIPPs are competitive, though trade costs are relatively high. Apply now
More Details £130 £163 Charge % fee for holding funds, or inactivity fee if holding only shares and placing no trades in quarter. Lower rate of £9.99 for trades in ETFs, so reduce trading cost by £1.76 per annual ETF trade. Apply now
More Details £126 £168 Charges % fee on funds as well as a capped % fee on shares. SIPP administration charge lower than most. Apply now
More Details £140 £176 No charge for fund trades, but there is an ongoing fee for fund investments, which is a % of the amount in funds. Share trades are charged per trade. Apply now
More Details £162 £186 Require separate accounts for shares and funds. Shares have fixed fee and trading fee, funds charged on a % basis. Apply now
More Details £190 £197 Fixed ongoing fee, but almost every service has a charge. For large account sizes who want to buy and hold. Apply now
More Details £160 £206 Charges a % fee on all assets, but capped. Fund trades are free, and SIPPs competitively charged, but will always be more expensive than fixed fee operators for larger portfolios. Apply now
More Details £154 £206 Part of one of the biggest banks in the world, charges a % fee for funds and a fixed fee for shares. Apply now
More Details £214 £217 Charges a fixed admin fee of £96 inc VAT, but trade prices are competitive at £7.50 each. Apply now
More Details £183 £234 Renowned for excellent service, and charges for holding funds don't reflect discount in fund management charges for high profile funds. Apply now
More Details £190 £254 Charge a % fee on all assets, so expensive for those with large amounts of assets, especially shares. Renowned for excellent customer service. Apply now
More Details £190 £257 Charges % fee on SIPPs so very competitive for new SIPP holders with small amounts. Also charges % of value of shares held, so can be very expensive for those holding large amounts in shares. Apply now
More Details £324 £383 No ongoing fee, but charges 1% per trade, so expensive for people trading more than £1,000 at a time. ISA and SIPP fees are higher than most. Apply now
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Broker Compare takes price details from 21 providers, and projects the costs of investing with each one based on the details you enter. We strive to produce the most accurate output possible, but the results are an estimate and should be treated as such. Under no circumstances should the results be considered financial advice. Always do your own research and confirm pricing with your providers. The above output is calculated on the basis of trading and administration fees as they stand today, other charges may apply for additional services, providers may change their prices during the course of your investment and the quality of provision between providers will vary. The value of your investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than your originally invested. To view full details of how we calculate costs and the assumptions we make view the assumptions used to calculate the costs shown please click here. To view the terms and conditions of the website please click here.

What is the cheapest online stockbroker or fund platform for you?

Trying to compare online brokers and fund platforms for share dealing is a minefield.

It is very hard to compare the charges and work out which is the cheapest share dealing or fund platform for you, especially if you want to choose the best ISA or SIPP provider for your needs.

That’s why we’ve built the Broker Compare comparison tool, helping you identify the cheapest stock broker for your online trading and investing.

Simply choose what type of account you are looking to open, how much you want to invest, for what time period, and your expected number of trades per year. Our table will then update showing the list of available brokers, ranked from the cheapest to the most expensive for your investments.

You can also use the ‘optional further details’ if you wish to place trades at specific times of the year or if you wish to add to your investments monthly or annually.

For more information on how to interpret the tool, please use the links below:

We hope BrokerCompare makes it easy for you to compare online brokers, identify the cheapest ISA provider or the cheapest SIPP provider or to help you find the best fund platform for your needs.

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